Queen's Color; 3rd Battalion
Korean War
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Regimental Color; Royal Australian Regiment

If there's a life that follers this
If there's a "Golden Gate",
The welcome that I want to 'ear,
Is just "Good onya Mate"
Lest we forget

The Medals of Lt. Col. C.H. Green (killed in action, age 30, Chongchon North Korea

Individualism, fair play, tolerance
A rare sense of humour
Independence, not blind discipline
Respect for results, not rank alone.
The Australian Digger


KW TimeLine

Korea Remembered

47 Great Yarns

Battlefield Korea

RAR Reference

50 Years Ago

Ernie Went To Korea

Diggers ... past, present and future ... God Bless you, every one

Charles Green

3RAR To The Chongchon

Royal Australian Regiment

38th Parallel
A Police Action
A peacetime not forgotten ...
A pause to reflect as Charlie assumes command of 3 RAR
Charlie prepares 3 RAR as UN lands at Inchon
Charlie never looked down on anyone. Well ...
With General Coad
Middlesex crosses the Chongchon
On the drive north

Alec Weaver

KW Observations

'Life' in the Frontline
Infantry Training
Why I'm not A General
A German emigrant in the RAR One way to get a bit of cot time ... A proper cigarette holder ... A cup of tea ... DMZ, on guard An honour and privilege KW Veterans remembered

Apple Orchard

'Snow' Dicker

More than Kapyong
You'd think we would have known better ... Rare Award for Brave Soldier Bren Gun Carrier Ferryer ... The Bridge was Broken, but not 3RAR ... All 3RAR deeply felt the loss of our Commanding Officer Having a rest Heads up, you've earned the right !!

Korea 1950-51

Ian John Godfrey

A year in Korea
Scrambling along its peaks,
Struggling along its valleys
Fatigued, cold and weak
Fighting a fiendish enemy
In savage cold,
One year in Korea .
19 years and I am old.

R. K. Cashman

Little Gibraltar

The Mound
Ham Sandwich
Absent Friends Naahh, they won't mind us ... A Patrol's Fate This bloke won't get much, we got him flanked Lonely? Well, neighbors drop by now and again ... My Guard Mates

Jim Reardon

Royal Australian Navy

Shipwrecked Matelots
But what about the windshields, mate?? A Brief Promotion CIC? .. that's Crew's Information Center Traveling In Style More bangers and mash, chaps? A cuppa might do about now oops...

An Aussie Op

Operation Buffalo

August 13-14, 1952

Eddie Wright
Operation Buffalo
Any prisoners? ... not bloody likely and take 2 APCs ... Some survivors of Hill 75 Thanks, Mate, now where's the rum? TLC Burned and in shock Letter from Max, after Operation Buffalo

1st Battalion Royal Australian Regiment

Hill 159
War Diary
Operation Blaze Documentary Long ago and far away ... Patrol On duty Unit photo You'd be scared, too

2nd Battalion Royal Australian Regiment

Korea '53-'54
My Story
2RAR SitRep
Not too close Mate, the bloke's just sunbathing ... Yeah, we know, but it tires 'em out runnin in and out of their tunnels Before ... ... After Bird's eye view The Hook He's with friends, mate
In the tradition of
The Corps of Staff Cadets

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- 1st Class"
RMC Duntroon Award 1st Class
Upon All Contributors

Korean War
- Australian Album -

for Excellence
In Military Arts!

A Belgian Sister and myself were holding a massively wounded Turkish soldier who had just died. And that gentle sister was softly singing to him, a lullaby from her home province. And her look of such great compassion and tenderness I shall not forget. And I am very glad that I had met and worked with

Sister Marie-Josephine, of Belgium

Diggers, Mates


Rogues' Gallery

"Gus" Breen
PhotoStory Album
"Gus" Breen
Air Strike
John Graham
No Tanks
Dick Garrett
Stretcher Party
Bill Williams
Midnight Stroll
Frank Hampson
RAN: Harry
Tim Holt
Festive Season - 1951
Ron Cashman
Lingering Regrets
Ron Cashman
Aussie POWs
Shank's Booties
Jim Jacobs
My Warrie
John Lewis
No Man's Land
Rosamund O'Brien
Three Cheers
Bill Parsons
Aussiesome Aussies
Bruce Matthews
Three Brave Men
(Doc) Thomas
Smell of Blood
Keith Hatfield
Shot Down
Len Smeaton
Broken Bridge
In The Trenches
Alec Weaver
Operation Big Switch
The Aussie's Friend Another 6 Platoon Layabout Yeah, that's the one with the bunion ... Snowy A kind of closure Visitors by invitation only ... Anything less conspicuous, mate?
My turn to deal, is it ... I'm here, Mate, bring it on Yeah, I reckon I'm man enough to wear it ... About to be thrown into the crucible HQ A Coy Unknown, Kapyong lies ahead Naaahhh, you're not too heavy
Just before Operation Commando Wouldn't be here if I wasn't ready, Mate Very Popular Sign War Is Hell Hiro, after Korea Teatime on The Hook A Commonwealth Division
Good Lads Whaddaya mean the ships are closing ? Yeah, well, we didn't come here to plant rice, Mate They all wanted to join 3RAR You say they want to put women in the front lines? Yeah?? When??? Yeah, we're moving through, any objections? Accidents do happen
Don't forget the calling cards ... Been there, done that ... Anybody Home ? Dinner ready? Home in a low-rise The Price of Freedom Times Do Change
Samichon Valley Tennn-Hut! An Umbilical  Different kind of Persuasion And after tea, a bit of a sun bath So this is the place ... Stretcher bearer to Sax
Officers Club? well, at least there's no Incoming The Imjin Yeah, high enough, but could have used a thick roof ...  Not many were cross-eyed with glasses ... Some Sausage !! What? no trees? He's with friends, mate
Do you know this man? Well, as we aren't having Parade anyway ... The USMC had no complaints about our lot Reckon this means we can get a little cot time now ?  Action at the rear These blokes always smile, standing on the ground ...  Safe from our artillery ... until they came out
1 RAR remembered ... Gallant U.S. Mosquito Pilot ; Yeah, reckon that's bent  Crikey, glad us Digs got grenades ... Early Christmas present for 1RAR ... 3RAR Operation Commando Registered on Coy HQ ?  naaah.  At least ...
Mate, I'll carry you _and_ your gear Little Gibraltar We didn't forget them ... Can't see, target's covered with smoke Yank Machine Guns? There's a reason most veterans don't smile ... A Company was full of layabouts
Yeh can tickle me, Cuddles, but I still wants me pint back 3RAR has the North Koreans on the run There's always a price ... Slim got in his own hits before he was captured and killed 2RAR SitRep - Defending Hill 159 Brian Falvey of Ham Sandwich Angel of Mercy indeed
Aussie observers flew in the Mossies Yeh, well, I'm still swapping it for a flak jacket ... You have to know how to ask ... Always welcome ... by Our infantry ... These calling cards were seldom welcome Some Punchbowl ...  ! In an Emergency, Just dial 77 ...  !
A Healing sight indeed, for a wounded Digger The best die first ...  ! Attractive setting ... for murdered POWs Hello ... and GoodBye ! Oh, shut up and die like a gentleman! What's your mate doing in the cockpit, Slim ... Poor chap didn't need it any more ...
 A stroll at dusk ... Now there's a Hook to this In honour, in pride, in aching sorrow ... Don't sneak up, mate, I'm still nervous Ready if needed Bloke must figure on starting a Chinese restaurant now The way it was for 77 Squadron
Bonds of peace Where's That Pommie Jeeves !!  I remember Maryang San George Bullock, Digger, KIA A 3RAR K Force Digger  In Mememorium ...  From Comrades In Arms ...

Anyone who would volunteer to go to a kimshi eating, fecal-agriculture country, with vertical contours, killer winters and killer rains, with killer hot seasons in between, in order to help preserve its freedom by engaging its brutal invaders in close combat, is a risk taker.

No common sense, the Digs, at all at all.

God bless you every one.

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