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8-in Howitzer and Crew

Infantry supported by this big boy had a true friend in need.

8-in Howitzer and Crew

8-in Howitzer and Crew

This 8-in How had "Persuaders" stenciled on its barrel, and was probably part of 17th FAB firing in support of BCD (British Commonwealth Division) during Operation Commando in October 1951. Whether or not this is actually the time the photo was taken is not known for sure, but here is a comment from Vince Gilligan, 3rd Battalion Royal Australian Regiment, who did not know of the existence of this photo when he wrote.

Date sent: Fri, 07 Sep 2001 12:07:19 +1000
From: Vince GILLIGAN
To: korteng@rt66.com
Subject: Korean War Artillery
G'Day Bert,

... My home is in Australia.

My Query is,What was the largest field artillery piece in use by the UN in that conflict?

There was an American artillery unit supporting us after Maryangsang, I can just recall that they were about 2ks behind us when we were entrenched on hill 355 (Little Gibraltar). I think they may have been 155mm and they called themselves "The Persuaders". They were great support to us and I have been trying to find out the actual name of that unit. Hope you can help in this matter.

      As noted, it was actually an 8-in how.

From: "Richard L. Carter"
To: Bert Kortegaard
Subject: Support Fire
Date: Wed, 29 Nov 2006 20:13:28 -0600

The Heavy Artillery you are asking about " Persuaders" is an 8" Howitzer. I was with this unit in Korea in 1950 and 51. We gave support fire for several units while I was there. I came Home in August of 1951.

Richard Carter

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