Hi Bert

Here's 77 Squadron RAAF's Mustangs. They flew to Korea from Japan in all weathers. The S51 shot is of a downed F51 pilot being returned to duty - very exciting - F/O John Coleman ejected from his Meteor whilst on a mission against a communist target, he is a member of the RAF flying with the RAAF in Korea. The Mustang in lower right had taken SAA fire from the ground.

These pictures are shot in Japan in the early days of the war, showing working conditions, snow, and foul weather flying as well as some of the after-effects of combat.

From the days when we were not politically correct, we were good mannered, decent people and we knew what authority was. Today it seems the younger generations are spineless, it could drive you to drink! Okay chaps Meteors to come and last in the air is a Cissy! Charles Mac Kay - deep in reminiscence

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