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A Night Stroll

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Early 1952 a patrol was organized for information gathering on hill 227. Five persons were selected from A company: 2 platoon commander, platoon Sgt., a section leader, myself and a radio operator C Bevan, who was later KIA on returning from a patrol in another area by a mine. Our platoon officer had the idea to take with us an air panel and a pole.

On arriving on top of 227 and at a given time the large searchlight that shone on the hill at night was switched off. We looked around, examined deep trenches and fighting pits but saw (thank goodness) no hostile troops. We were knee deep in dust, from constant shelling, so we planted the flag and returned safely to our Coy.

When the light was switched back on it looked great to see the air panel fluttering in the night breeze. However our battalion C.O. gave our Platoon Officer a severe ear bashing. It was two days before the C.O. cooled down and agreed that it was a good morale booster to know the enemy had seen we had tramped over the top of his hill and he did not know how many.

Unfortunately 1 Bn R.A.R. A Coy did a daylight raid on 227 a month or so later and 5 K.I.A. 34 wounded was the terrible result.

2/4823 Sgt F.W. (Bill) WILLIAMS, ex A Coy 3 Bn R.A.R. 1 & 2 P1s.

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