Charlie on the campaign with Brigadier General Coad

Lt. Col. Charles Green; October, 1950
With General Coad on the advance north.

Days left for a brilliant combat commander to live

During the drive north the Australians happened to be in the van when they became involved in three significant actions. In the first battle 22nd October, 1950, when the battalion was "blooded" at the battle of the "Apple Orchard," the Australians had the object of going to the relief of the US 187th Airborne Regiment. Their second major action on October 25th was called the "Battle of the Broken Bridge." To push on as was required and to deal with North Korean opposition, Lt. Col. Green used the daring tactic of thrusting his troops across a half destroyed bridge in the dark to take the enemy by surprise. When, on October 29th, the 27 BCB, with the Australians in the lead, approached Chongju they met stiff opposition from the North Koreans supported by T34 tanks, blocking their advance. Intelligence later established that the North Koreans had been ordered to hold at Chongju, which accounts for the very fierce battle the Australians fought to clear the advance route. And it was at this point in the war that Eighth Army momentarily halted, for the Chinese had entered the war in force on October 25, 1950 and by November 1 had driven back the entire ROK II Corps, badly crippling it, and was south of the Chongchon, threatening Eighth Army's right flank.

On that day, Charlie Green died. After 32 days of fighting, another battalion had taken the point, allowing 3 RAR to move fall back into reserve. Col. Green lay down to a much needed rest in a pup tent, sited in a safe place by one of his officers, just as dark approached. Shortly after, 6 North Korean high velocity shells were fired into 3 RAR Headquarters area. One cleared a protecting crest, hit a tree and a piece of shrapnel mortally wounded him. He battled for his life, but died on 1st November in a MASH hospital at Anju.

For his outstanding leadership and bravery at the Battle of the Apple Orchard, he was awarded the US Silver Star.

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