Battle of the Broken Bridge, Oct 25-26th, 1950 - KUJIN

Battle of the Broken Bridge
Oct 25-26th, 1950


The battle of the broken bridge was another bit of excitement for the rifle companies. They managed to knock over a few tanks as they had their bazookas in good working order. They also did a good job clearing out a number of the enemy still in the area. It was a good situation to call in some air support, but the American Jet on call was too good/fast - the preferred strikes were by propeller-driven planes that were more accurate and could pin-point a target a lot better. There were quite a few casualties during this battle, and the enemy was attacking more strongly, the closer they got to the Yalu River. The enemy had quite a few tanks and plenty of troops who were now attacking with whistles and bugles blowing.

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