Prior to Battle of the Apple Orchard, 22 October, 1950

Prior to Battle of the Apple Orchard, 22 October, 1950
Lt. Col. C.H. Green, 3RAR Commanding, in Slouch hat.

Americans (3/187 Regimental Combat Team) and Aussies (3RAR) and Brits meet up to plan the successful Aussie attack in support of the beleaguered American Airborne unit. This battle was one of the finest small-unit attacks on a position of ambush in the entire Korean War.

"Top Secret The Coad Report PRO - WO - 308 - 45

187Airborne 'O' Group 22nd October,
L to R:
Brigadier Coad leaning forward Airborne Officer,. Lt Col Man, Lt. Col Green (KIA Nov 1, 1950), Major McN Reith, Brigade Major, who died in a vehicle accident 27th October 1950

1 MX less 'C' Company who remained with 3 RAR moved through the Australians as the clearing operation progressed and formed a defensive position one and a half miles north of Sukchon for the night 22/23October "

Photo Courtesy of Betty Eberle

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