13th May 1953, Patrol from 3RAR mounting out from Little Gibraltar

13th May 1953, patrol from 3RAR mounting out from "Little Gibraltar"

The patrol would suffer tragic loss in assaulting "Cloncurry"
Fate of Men of 6 pl. 3 RAR
  • The 16-man patrol suffered 3 KIA and 7 WIA
  • Man in the middle at rear of photo - missing
  • Man second from bunker entrance - WIA

Three men were abandoned to their fate, one still fighting until he was silenced. This was an instance of a still-capable fighting force leaving men to fight and die alone.

Incidents like this occur, even in the best of fighting forces, and Australians like to think they are among the best. Ultimately it's a question of leadership and a question of morality. What was the right thing to do?

A "digger" would say there was only one answer. "Never abandon a mate!"

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