jim reardon

I lash my hammock day by day,
And yawn and stretch and curse
And realise with pained dismay
My vax is getting worse.
More teeth are comin' out today,
They're rotten to the root!
Poor damn recruit.

I double in the bull-ring
With boots that feel like lead.
Runnin', though the ears ring
Flu's got me nearly dead!
Turned left not right then bing!
I crashed some other coot.
Far at lard
Puffin hard
Poor damn recruit.

I stand by night down by the We
My tongue a-hangin out,
I'd sell me damn right arm to get
A glass of beer or stout.
The beer is flows in amber jet,
My thirst has struck me mute,
Dry throated
Dust coated
Poor damn recruit!

A barrel –chested killer
Takes us for P.T.
He'll double.trot and then parade us
And make and nose our knee,
Our sinews slack, they creek and crack,
We bend and twist and scoot.
Poor damn recruit!

Washin', Ironin', Scourin'.Sewin'.
Me leisure time is crammed,
That pile of washin'always growin'
Bash the spine, be damned!
The sands of time are always flowin!
Darn socks and shine the boot
Goin'strong all day long
Poor damn recruit.

But then, I think, why should I mind?
Yer mates are always there,
I guard the freedom of my kind
There's fun and laughs to spare.
Dead-end jobs are far behind!
Our flag with pride salute!
A happy smile.
A life worth while
Lucky damn recruit!


December 26, 1999
Jim Reardon

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