Max in Stretcher Jeep

Letter from hospital
Max Wilson

August 22, 1952

 Your Flak Jacket - Glass against iron
? Wilson M.E.
Ward 2.
Brit. Gen. Hospital
Kure Japan
Friday 22nd

Dear Jack & Ron.

Well fellers hows things over there, keeping you busy I'll bet, being short of men, or have the reinforcements come yet.

Before I go any further, Thanks again for getting me off .75. I would have been kicking shit up hill getting off by myself.

The trip over to Kure was a bit rugged, one stretcher to the other.

I have only got flesh wounds. One in the muscle of the left leg and in the thigh and right cheek of the arse. The got the junk out and stitched me up. I get the stitches out on the 27th. I'll be okay to get out of this bloody bed then and hobble around. I hope -

All the boys are here in this ward. Martin, Max Garret, Dick Garret, Jock Burns, Dick Innis, Pete, Hughes, and Fruin. Max Garret got it the worst and Martin, but they are cheerfull enough. Blinky Hughes gets around as though he was shot to pieces ha ha, (??)

Have you heard how Trevor Dick is doing he was hit pretty bad.

Old Pete hobbles around scrounging books etc. he's laughing up his sleeve just quietly getting the second wound.

I have to make a statement regarding the last time I saw Snowy Whitehouse. As far as I remember it was on the saddle between .75 and the unoccupied knoll. I honestly think he must have rolled into one of the trenches, once we got on 75 I had no control of the section whatsoever, as you know visibility was no good.

By the way Cashie you got that bastard that threw the masher didn't you? I told the boys I thought you did.

Well fellers I'll close for now.

Best of luck. Keep Ya Head Down

My Regards to 6a Platoon.


Max Wilson

Remembrance by Ron Cashman, one of Max' mates who rescued him after he was wounded.

"Max always said: 'They dragged me down the hill so fast, by the legs, I dug a furrow with me nose.'"

Australian War Memorial is custodian of Max's actual letter.

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