The 1st Battalion, The Royal Australian Regiment

Lieut A.E. (Gus) Breen

HQ Australian Army Component, Hiro, Japan, January 1954

1RAR and 2RAR Infantry officer, and Observer

1 RAR: IN ACTION 1952-1953

1 RAR's tour is represented on Aussie Album by a variety of articles selected to ensure an interesting and reliable coverage:

1 RAR War diary, prepared by Olwyn Green

1 RAR by Herb Stacker lists 1 RAR casualties, together with awards and citations, in particular for their two major operations: "Blaze" and "Fauna."

Hill 159 by Herb Stacker contains account of incidents in the front line; 1 RAR's first casualty illustrates interaction with British troops.

Operation Blaze by Major Thompson (MC) OC C Coy, the first big action, conducted in daylight, that 1 RAR was engaged in soon after it arrived at the front in Korea in June 1952. This article provided by Gus Breen was published in "Duty First", Vol 3, 7, 2002.

Medic's Story by Cpl John (Doc) Thomas - memoir

Operation Fauna by Gus Breen

Large operations such as Blaze and Fauna are typical of the conditions that infantrymen faced repeatedly in the static phase of the war. This sort of fighting does not get headlines in the media. There were no TV cameras to record it. We hope that, by presenting authoritative accounts together with personal memoirs, Aussie Album has presented an honest account of 1 RAR in action.

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