Jim Reardon

We were anchored out in Buckner
On the night of April the ninth
When we heard the news that a Sydney's crew
Were afast on a reef in the Bay

For they had missed the chartered channel
They had missed the hill behind
But they had hit the rocks on a coral reef
An anchor had broken away.

There were no rafts or lifebelts I hear
for the passengers and crew
So a hammer we took and the canopy shook
as it was belted away.
To serve as float. For all men in the boat
and officers too they say

The Very Pistol was fired,
at random into the sky
But none heeded the call from shipmates all
Or the lights that exploded away

So it was all over board,
and Lt. Harris was heard to say
We'll swim for the ship! Come on me lads
it's the breaststroke, crawl or the cray

And floundering about in the water
Mr Marshall was there like a duck
He couldn't swim but he sure did shout
Don't leave me lads; don't pass me by,
But take me back to my Flight Deck
and all my armourers too.

But upon the misty night
with the rain apelting down
Came a cutter as a lifeboat
to rescue the ship wrecked crew

The first one out of the water
like a rocket I heard them say
Twas Lt. Harris all dripping and wet
but a face all wreathed in smiles
To be the first from the watery bath
to be saved and safe in the cutter at last
One by one they were hauled on board
and none were left I hear

Full throttle ahead the coxswain said
And back to the ship they came,
all happy to know That they had been found
After a darned fine swim in Buckner bay

December 20, 1999
Jim Reardon

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