Charlie on the campaign with Brigadier General Coad

Lt. Col. Charles Green, 3RAR Commanding, with Brigadier General Basil A. Coad
Commanding officer of British Commonwealth Forces Korea
October 1950

The British War Office on 20 August announced that it was dispatching at once to Korea an infantry force of two Battalions, from Hong Kong. These were the the First Battalion of the Middlesex Regiment, and the First Battalion of the Argyll and Sutherland Regiments, constituting the nucleus of the 27th British Infantry Brigade. These were regulars, and the battalions had proud histories of battle around the world. Brigadier General Coad was their commanding officer.

Docking at Pusan August 29, the force moved at once to Kyongsan and became an integral part of the Eighth Army.

Third Battalion Royal Australian Army, led by 30-year-old WWII veteran Lt. Col. Charlie Green, arrived at Pusan 29 September, joining the 27th Bgde which then was named the 27th British Commonwealth Brigade.

27th Brigade helped spearhead the Eighth Army advance into northwest Korea, with the goal of reaching the Yalu and ending the war before it might spread.

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