1 Platoon "A" Coy 3 RAR, 23-3-1951
Chipyong-ni Rest Area

The rest area was about 7 miles south of Kapyong valley.
The Battle of Kapyong lay one month away, for this platoon.

Platoon Casualties:
Wally Hoare; K, 23/4/51
Slim Maynard; W, 23/4/51
Norm Worth; K, 23/4/51
Roy Holloway; W, 23/4/51
Ron Grima; okay
Roy Ingram; K, 23/4/51
Bob Brown, K, no date
Ted Barnes; W, no date
Pat McCarthy; K, no date
Vince Voysey; W, prior, 11/3/51
Shorty Thorley; okay
Pat Knowles; W 5/9/51
Bruce Addison; W 10/7/51
Leo Hutley; W 10/7/51
Vic Svenson; W, 10/7/51

Photo courtesy of: 2/400383 Pt. P. J. Knowles, "A" Coy 3Bn RAR

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