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Tokarev Tula 33 7.62mm Semi-Automatic

Copied from the M1911 Browning but the only safety being the half-cock, the Tokarev had an 86 gr bullet, 8 gr charge, 8 round detachable box magazine, and around a 1350 fps muzzle velocity. Designed to be more simply made than the M1911, the Tokarev had the same serious stopping power, 361 ft-lb, at close range.

M1911A1 Browning Caliber.45 Pistol

TM 23-35: Combat Training: Pistols & Revolvers

 7.62 mm TT33 (Chinese Pistol Type 51)

7.62 mm Soviet Automatic 1933 Tokarev (TT33) (Chinese Pistol Type 51)

Caliber: 7.62x25mm Soviet Auto
Ammunition: Type 'P'; 86 gr bullet, 8 gr charge
Length: 193mm
Weight (unloaded): .83kg
Barrel: 116mm, 4 groove, right-hand twist
Magazine: 8 round detachable box
Rate of Fire:Semi auto
Muzzle Velocity: 418mps (1375fps)
Muzzle Energy: 361 ft-lb

The Korean War Chinese Pistol type 51 was modeled after this Soviet weapon.

The only observable difference, the finger-grip grooves on the slide being narrow and more numerous than the Soviet models.

During the mid 1920's it was decided to replace the old Nagant revolver with a more modern automatic pistol. For one thing, the complicated firing mechanism of the Nagant revolver was considered not to be worth the effort.

The Tokarev cartridge is a modification of the .30 Mauser cartridge (7.65x25mm), and the Tokarev design is almost a straight copy of the M1911 Browning. The only significant differences are the lack of a safety (apart from a half-cock position), the removable lockwork and that the magazine guide lips are machined into the pistol itself, thus protecting them from the common failure of being chipped, a notable improvement.

The Tokarev was replaced as the standard Soviet sidearm in 1951 by the 9mm Makarov PM pistol, which has fewer moving parts and is more easily and cheaply manufactured, but still with good stopping power.

In 1930 the Tokarev pistol was accepted for service, but trials for another pistol were still underway when the Germans invaded. This ended the trials and the TT33 along with the Nagant revolver remained the standard pistol of the Soviet Armed Forces during WWII, and both weapons were extensively used by the North Koreans and CCF during the Korean War.

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