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Model 1895 Nagant Revolver

The Nagant was a 7.62 mm double-action Soviet Revolver, firing a 108 gr bullet with a 14 gr charge, at a muzzle velocity of 892 fps. Its mechanism was complex, and it was replaced by the 7.62mm Tokarev automatic in the 30's.

 7.62 mm Model 1895 Soviet Nagant Revolver

7.62 mm Model 1895 Soviet Nagant Revolver

 7.62 mm Model 1895 Soviet Nagant Revolver

Caliber: 7.62 mm Double-action Soviet Revolver
Ammunition: Type 'R'; 108 gr bullet, 14 gr charge
Length: 9.06 in
Weight (unloaded):1.65 lb
Feed device: 7 round cylinder
Muzzle Velocity: 892 fps

 7.62 mm Model 1895 Soviet Nagant Revolver

The Nagant revolver was produced in both single-action and double-action versions. One characteristic of this revolver is that the cylinder moves forward before the hammer falls and the forward end of the chamber alined for fire telescopes the barrel. The cartridge outwardly resembles a blank cartridge, and has its bullet seated below the cartridge case mouth. The purpose of these design features is to prevent gas leakage at the joint between the cylinder and barrel.

It was highly doubtful that the complicated firing mechanism of the revolver was worth the effort and, in 1930, it was replaced by the Tokarev Tula 33 7.62 Soviet Automatic, however it continued to be made in WWII, reportedly upwards of 3 million altogether.

Heavy, but well balanced and highly accurate, numbers of the revolvers were used effectively by both the North Koreans and CCF in Korea.

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