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Chinese infantry Attacks

After their initial victories, the CCF retreated to assess the results. Realizing we were highly vulnerable, when MacArthur ordered a "home by Christmas" drive, CCF forces attacked in force both against 8th Army in the West and our 1st Marine Division in the East. To escape encirclement north of Chongchon, Eighth Army started a retreat which quickly turned into a rout. In the East, our Marines "attacked toward the rear" at the Chosin Reservoir and with the rest of X Corps fought their way to rescue at Hungnam.

China Steps In

CCF Plans For Victory

Eighth Army Retreats From Sunch'on

CCF 40th Corps

40th Corps tries to encircle US 24th Infantry Division, April 24, 1951

24ID had suffered badly when the CCF first came into the war in September 1950, and had been in the brunt of the fighting almost from the beginning. Their commanding general William F. Dean was captured at Taejon in the Pusan Perimeter.

The CCF Phase Campaign had substantial initial success. Eventually, they would overextend themselves and face danger of entrapment when General Ridgway sent Eighth Army into a decisive counter attack from which the CCF never recovered until Truman stopped our advancing forces mostly above the 38th Parallel. But, at the beginning, they ran wild yet again. This Chinese photograph in the Beijing Korean War Museum says elements of CCF 40th Army threatened to encircle the US 24th Infantry Division east of Kapyong.


Causes of the Korean Tragedy ... Failure of Leadership, Intelligence and Preparation

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