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Below the Soyang

In their Spring Offensive the CCF 27th Army crossed the Soyang and smashed the ROKs, but was eventually met by determined infantry and armor, and a firestorm of supporting artillery. Brave men can be too brave. Ridgway's hardened Eighth Army was soon to begin relentlessly driving the enemy back, until Truman halted them to attempt a political solution.

Restoring The Balance

Battle Below the Soyang

Bunker Hill

Advance to the Parallel

CCF Cross the Chau

Below The Soyang: 16-20 May, 1951
CCF forces cross the Chau-ni River under heavy artillery fire

Crossing the Soyang River on May 16, the CCF 27th Army smashed the ROK 5th and 7th Divisions, with ROK 7th quickly abandoning its positions and exposing US 2nd Infantry Division's right flank. As in the Chongchon fighting in November, 2id was again threatened from the east after ROK forces gave way, while simultaneously facing violent CCF assaults from its front. Reinforced by Task Force Zebra (consisting of 72nd Tank Battalion, 2nd Battalion 23rd Infantry, 1st Ranger Company, and strong ROK elements) they were attacked by 92d Regiment which had been pursuing the fleeing ROKs.

With great bravery, misplaced in foot infantry facing determined and dug-in troops with armor and supporting artillery, the CCF fought into the wire and minefields trying to reach the tanks, and were devastated, losing about 450 dead on the wire and in the valley. However, the CCF persisted in their assaults, driving back the Netherlands Battalion and others. On the 17th, UN artillery fire was quintupled. On Hill 800, K Company, 38th Infantry, sat in their bunkers and allowed the CCF to enter their lines, then called down an overwhelming barrage of artillery. When the Chinese pulled back on the 19th, they left some eight hundred dead behind.

This map shows sections of several key lines: Line Kansas, Line No-Name, Line Waco, Line Nevada and Line Missouri.


Causes of the Korean Tragedy ... Failure of Leadership, Intelligence and Preparation

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