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Belgian Fabrique Nationale Model FN-49 Rifle

The reliable and accurate FN-49 was gas-operated, chambered for the .30-06, with a 10-round fixed box magazine.

Belgian FN-49 Rifle

Fabrique Nationale Model 1949 30-06 Rifle

Designed: 1949
Manufacturer: Fabrique Nationale (FN)

Weight: 4.31 kg (9 lb 8 oz)
Length: 1116 mm (43.54 in)
Barrel length: 590 mm (23.23 in)
Cartridge: .30-06, 7.8x85 mm (.308x3.34 in) Springfield
Action: Gas-Operated, tilting bolt
Feed system: 10-round fixed box magazine
Sights Iron

The FN-49, chambered for the 30-06 and thus compatible with our M1 ammo, was used by Belgian and Luxembourg troops. It compared well with our M1 Garand in reliability and accuracy, and for sure the Belgians used it very effectively against the Chinese. At the Imjin, and in support of the Glosters, the Belgian Battalion proved that the FN-49 was definitely a first-rate weapon, when in the hands of first-rate troops.

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