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Marines take Yongdungpo

The Battle For Seoul

The Capture of Seoul

Marines work through Yongdongpo

1st Marines work through Yongdongpo, 9/50
The Squad leader helps steady his nerves with the ubiquitous cigarette

The First Marine Division spearheaded our assault at Inchon on 15 September, 1950. In the advance on Seoul, the 5th Marines were on the left and the 1st Marines on the right. The 5th Marines took Kimpo Airfield on the 17th and crossed the Han River northwest of Seoul on the 20th. They would have three days of hard fighting taking the high ground immediately northwest of Seoul.

Meanwhile, the 7th Marines had unloaded at Inchon the afternoon of the 21st and reached Kimpo that evening. The 1st Marines crossed the river on the 24th and the next day, 25 September, both the 1st and 5th regiments went into Seoul itself. The 7th Marines, in reserve, crossed the river and took up a position behind the 5th Marines. The North Korean commander, Major General Wol Ki Chan, had about 10,000 troops with which to defend Seoul, and the battle to destroy those brave and veteran warriors was a savage part of Marine Corps history.

On the way, they went through Yongdongpo.

Colonel "Chesty" Puller's 1st Marines fought some of the most vicious battles of the Korean War in taking Seoul. That terrible fighting, long overshadowed in the media by the brilliance and seeming ease of Inchon, tested the veteran 1st Marine Division to the utmost.

Col. Chesty Puller and Brig. Gen. Craig

Causes of the Korean Tragedy ... Failure of Leadership, Intelligence and Preparation

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