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United Nations Indian Field Ambulance Platoon

Effectively, the British Commonwealth version of MASH

Indian Field Ambulance

Some UN Members helped in Korean War with medical aid

Wounded British Fusilier, Thomas Wigg, aided by Captain Subburkishnan and nursing orderly P. Tilari, of an Indian Field Hospital Unit of 60th Parachute FAPn.

The 60th Parachute Field Ambulance Platoon was much more than the title "platoon" indicates. For all intents it was a mobile army surgical hospital (MASH.) Commanded by Lieutenant Colonel A.G. Rangaraj, it joined UN forces at P'yongyang on December 4, 1950, just in time to take part in 8th Army's withdrawal out of North Korea. On December 14, 1950, it formally became the medical evacuation unit for the 27th British Commonwealth Brigade (later redesignated the 28th British Commonwealth Brigade.) It supported this unit throughout the war.

The 60th quickly gained the respect of Commonwealth troops for its high-quality medical care and the courage of its people when under fire. Nearly all Commonwealth troops evacuated from the front lines passed through the unit before being evacuated to long-term care hospitals.

Some members of the 60th Indian Field Ambulance Platoon jumped with the U.S. 187th Regimental Combat Team at Munsan-ni on March 22, 1951.


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