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The Foundation of Freedom is the Courage of Ordinary People

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MASH Nurse

To some people, angels don't exist. To others, they are ideals, existing only in the mind.
A lot of Korean War veterans think an angel must be sort of like a MASH nurse.

USMC: First Aid, 1951

Corpsman: The Trench War

Mash Nurse

A MASH (Mobile Army Surgical Hospital) Nurse

A personal scrub in her tent after another day's ordeal

MASH units were normally the closest points to the line where women served in Korea. To most wounded they cared for, the TV series was as much like Korea as Hollywood is like Middle America. Boots replaced by battered slippers for the moment, this genuine Angel of Mercy may not look much like Hot Lips, but she's worth infinitely more than the whole cast of the TV series, in my book.

Life was less grim for Nurses not actually at these forward units.

The 8055 MASH, a 60 bed hospital, was the first medical unit to arrive in Korea, in Pusan on July 6, 1950. Below, in an airport Aid Station, 8055 MASH Army Nurse Capt. Phyllis LaConte and Flight Nurse Lt. Marguerite Liebold prepare wounded for travel to hospitals in Japan. August, 1950

Flight Prep

Causes of the Korean Tragedy ... Failure of Leadership, Intelligence and Preparation

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The Foundations of Freedom are the Courage of Ordinary People and Quality of our Arms

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