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76mm Self Propelled Guns

Armed Forces of North and South Korea

Enemy Weapons of 1951: Photos and Specifications

The maximum range of the Soviet artillery used by the N.K. Army in June 1950 was: (1)122-mm. howitzer, 12,904 yards; (2)76-mm. SP gun, 12,400 yards; (3)76-mm. divisional gun, 14,545 yards.

Self-Propelled 76mm gun

North Korean 76mm Self-Propelled Gun

 76mm Self-Propelled Gun, SU-76 (Soviet)

The average North Korean division had 48 122-mm. howitzers, 76-mm. SP and non-SP guns.

The ROK division had 15 105-mm. M3 howitzers.

"The North Korea People's Army in June 1950 constituted a ground force of eight infantry divisions at full strength, two more infantry divisions activated at an estimated half strength, a separate infantry regiment, a motorcycle reconnaissance regiment, and an armored brigade. Five of the infantry divisions and the armored brigade had well-trained combat personnel. Many of these soldiers were hardened veterans who had fought with the Chinese Communist and Soviet Armies in World War II.

The 105th Armored Brigade had a strength of 6,000 men and 120 T34 tanks. Its equipment - tanks, weapons, and vehicles - was Russian-made. The brigade had three tank regiments-the 107th, 109th, and 203d-each with 40 tanks, and a mechanized infantry regiment, the 206th, with a strength of about 2,500 men. A tank regiment had three medium tank battalions, each having 13 tanks. The battalions each had three tank companies with 4 tanks to a company. Tank crews consisted of five men. Battalion, regimental, and division tank commanders each had a personal tank."

Causes of the Korean Tragedy ... Failure of Leadership, Intelligence and Preparation

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