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RP46 7.62 mm Light Machine Gun

Enemy Weapons of 1951: Photos and Specifications

The 7.62mm RP46 LMG was automatic fire only, using a 50 round belt or 47 round pan to fire a 148 gr bullet at 2750 fps with 2495 ft/lbs muzzle energy at 650 rpm, effective to about 1000 meters

The Soviets developed their Light Machine gun series as portable, multi purpose machine guns to replace their Maxim guns and armed the North Koreans with them all for their invasion of the South.

7.62 mm Ruchnoy Pulemyot RP46 Light Machine Gun
7.62 mm Ruchnoy Pulemyot RP46 Light Machine Gun

RP46 7.62 mm Ruchnoy Pulemyot Light Machine Gun

Operation: Automatic fire, only
Length: 50 in. (1270 mm)
Weight unloaded: 28 lb 12 oz (13 kg)
Barrel: 23.8 in. 4 grooves, right hand twist
Magazine: 50 round Belt, or 47 round detachable pan
Cyclic Rate: 650 rpm
Muzzle velocity: 2755 fps, 2495 ft-lb
Ammunition: 148 gr bullet, 48 gr charge, Russian Light Ball M'08
Effective Range: Probably about 1000 meters

The RP-46 was designed as a light, mobile machine gun, capable of high firepower, to be used on the company level. The RP-46 is similar to the DPM in many respects, differing mostly in having a heavier barrel, a distinctive carrying handle, and a belt feed module. To minimise changes and to permit use of old DP/DPM flat pan magazines, the belt feed was designed as an add-on module. The feed was operated through the large bracket on the right side, which was connected to the charging handle. Since the charging handle was rigidly mounted on the bolt carrier, it reciprocated during the fire, and carried the belt feed bracket along with it.

The RP-46 used a non-disintegrating metallic belt, designed for Gorjunov SG-43/SGM medium machine gun. Belts were available in the 200 or 250 rounds variety and were carried in metallic boxes. Since there was no way to link the belt box to the RP-46, it was usually necessary to unload the RP-46 prior to moving it, obviously a serious tactical disadvantage.

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