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More North Korean Murders

History shows that, though "Causes" may change, the cruelty of some among us and the vulnerability of us all, live on. The tragic murders shown below are always but one mis-step away.

Fifty one murdered civilians in a mass grave

51 Victims of North Korean atrocities are uncovered in a mass grave. They had been murdered near Chonju soon after the initial wave of NK advances

Killing of enemy who were wounded and helpless was done by all sides in the Korean War, and in all wars. In the desperation of combat, particularly when there is no provision for caring for wounded and no troops to spare to guard them, this sometimes is a practical necessity, however horrible the idea.

As any veteran knows, the definition of "Combat" can be subjective, and vary widely depending on experience under fire. But most of us had no trouble realizing that killing unarmed and defenseless prisoners or civilians was simply murder.

Murder was a preferred North Korean tactic. Below, PFC Roy Manring identifies four North Korean prisoneers as among those who gunned him down, along with 41 other American POWs, their hands tied behind their backs, and left for dead.

A few North Korean murderers were identified, but were never hanged

Causes of the Korean Tragedy ... Failure of Leadership, Intelligence and Preparation

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The Foundations of Freedom are the Courage of Ordinary People and Quality of our Arms

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