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Chinese 120mm Mortar

After the initial CCF infiltration and ambush period, the 11,000 man enemy divisions allocated 6-120mm mortars to each regiment, retaining 12-122mm howitzers, 24-76mm guns, and 12-SU 76mm self propelled guns for direct divisional control. As with UN forces, they deployed mortars (61mm and 82mm) at the Company level, giving line commanders immediate and effective artillery support.

Available Enemy Weapons

Korean War Infantry Weapons: UN and Communist

Captured 120mm Chinese Mortar

Captured Communist 120mm Mortar
(Barrel length 5 ft)

120mm Mortar
120mm Mortar

The artillery support of a NK and CCF division (about 11,000 strong) included 12-122mm howitzers, 24-76mm guns, and 12-SU 76mm self propelled guns, plus anti-tank weapons. In addition, the regiments and battalions had their own supporting weapons.

Specifically addressing mortars, each regiment had 6-120mm units. Each battalion had 9-82mm mortars, and each company had their own 61mm mortars. These mortars were the simple, reliable Soviet types used by all their satellite countries, and could fire the US 81mm and 60mm rounds.

The 120mm mortars were the heaviest artillery used by the CCF attacking X Corps in Chosin, with the initial assaults by the CCF 124th division supported by nothing heavier than their 82mm mortars.

Causes of the Korean Tragedy ... Failure of Leadership, Intelligence and Preparation

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