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Korean War: The Men

E-2-5, 1st Marine Division, 8/50


Marine Rifle Platoon from E-2-5, 1st Marine Division, 8/50

Brief history of this Platoon by a Fellow Platoon Leader

I've chosen this platoon, one of the finest the United States ever produced, to represent all our fighting men in Korea ... there were a great many fine men, in all the services.

To mention just one other outstanding group, I pay particular respect to the fighting comrades of the First Marine Brigade in the Peninsula, the 27th Infantry Regiment, 25th Infantry Division.

The above pictured rifle platoon fought throughout the Pusan Perimeter battles, Inchon, and across the Han River to help in the recapture of Seoul.

They were part of the competent infantry force that was essential in stopping the North Koreans. Our air, armor and naval supremacy was vital, and inflicted terrible casualties on the NK, but in the end Korea would have been lost had we not men, with hand guns, who had the courage and will to fight and defeat the enemy on the ground, face to face. These were among the finest men who ever wore the uniform of the United States Marines

The survivors of the vicious South Korean battles would need all their courage and will ... ahead of them China was preparing a huge veteran army that had proven itself in the terrible struggles of China's Civil War. These two brave armies would meet ... at the Chosin reservoir.

Causes of the Korean Tragedy ... Failure of Leadership, Intelligence and Preparation

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