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Firepower may not win, but it usually helps. A lot.

In the hands of resolute forces of equal numbers, firepower is the decisive element.
75-mm Recoilless Rifle in action

7th Infantry Division 75-mm recoilless rifle gunner grimaces as he fires in support of infantry units directly across the valley. An observer (standing, with field glasses) will note effectiveness of their fire while the crew reloads the next round.

The CCF fifth phase campaign met with initial success, by skillfully detecting our weakest points and concentrating their forces there for the assault. But at every step they paid heavily, from constant air bombardment, superior and more mobile artillery and armor, and from the greater firepower in our infantry units.

Tank-Infantry Assault

With total control of the air and enemy armor largely destroyed, Marines advance across an open field in tank-infantry assault.

Tank=Infantry Assault

K/2/65, 3rd Infantry Division also successfully attacked with mutually supporting tanks and infantry, and now defend their gains.

After our air, and the superior firepower of our heavy tanks, had destroyed most CCF armor, our infantry were free from the deadly tank-infantry combinations which the NK used in their initial invasion of South Korea. Now, the shoe was entirely on the other foot, and our own forces used armor, artillery, and air support in defeating the CCF 5th Phase Campaign and driving them back once again to the 38th Parallel.

155-mm SPG

By mid-1952, a year after the UN stopped Eighth Army's successful counterattack once it reached the 38th Parallel, the CCF built artillery concentrations which about equalled our own. During their 5th Phase campaign, however, they were far inferior in heavy artillery. Here, a 155-mm self propelled gun gave us massive fire-support for our infantry together with the ability to quickly re-deploy as required.

Causes of the Korean Tragedy ... Failure of Leadership, Intelligence and Preparation

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