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CCF Fifth Phase Campaign: April 22 - June 10, 1951

April 22, 3 CCF army groups attacked in the west, breaking the UN defenses, shattered the Turkish Brigade in the center, and drove back the BCD 29th Brigade and ROK1st Division on the right. Underestimating the UN capability to counter-attack, the Chinese withdrew under savage pressure and the two year static war around the 38th Parallel began on about June 10.

CCF moves for attack

CCF Fifth Phase Campaign: April 22 - June 10, 1951

Moving up for the attack

April 22, 3 CCF army groups attacked along the UN line in the west and quickly broke the UN defenses. Third battalion of 354 regiment of 118th division penetrated 30km into UN line, then held out against elements of 1st Cavalry, British 28th Brigade and Canadian 25th Brigade until reached by the main CCF force. The center group smashed the Turkish brigade and forced a retreat. The right group smashed the British 29th Brigade and destroyed part of ROK 1st division. On April 29, CCF closed in on Seoul. However Eighth Army had fought throughout an orderly withdrawal which prevented CCF encirclement, punished the CCF with air and artillery, and the CCF attacks ground to a halt.

On May 16th the CCF shifted its attack to the east, 60th Division of 20th army penetrated 25 km deep into the UN lines, cutting off the withdrawal route of ROK 3d and 9th Division. 81st Division and 60th Division together smashed ROK 5th and 6th Division. On May 18, ROK 3d and 9th Division tried to break out, and was largely destroyed by CCF 20th army. On May 19th, CCF engaged in heavy fighting with the US 2d division and one French battallion in what the US calls the "May Massacre."

Peng Dehuai halted the attacks along all fronts and withdrew north while suffering very heavy casualties, with the CCF 180th Division totally destroyed.

On July 10, Truce Talks begin at Kaesong.


Causes of the Korean Tragedy ... Failure of Leadership, Intelligence and Preparation

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