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China Invades South Korea

By the end of 1950 Eighth Army command was pathetically ineffective, a result of their general incompetence, Chinese attacks and our successive retreats. However, that condition would gradually be changed by General Ridgway, our best combat general in the Korean War.

The Chinese failed to realize the fundamental strength of American fighting men when well led, just as we had failed to appreciate the strength and innovation displayed in their victory over Nationalist China.

As always, brave warriors and innocent civilians would pay in blood for the ignorance and arrogance of our leaders.

China Invades South Korea - The Fatal Step

China's Korean War Campaign - The Phases

CCF Strikes - 1st Campaign

China's Third Phase Campaign: Dec.31, 1950 - Jan. 8, 1951

Exhilarated by seemingly endless success, contemptuous of her fleeing enemies, China makes the same tragic error of overconfidence that North Korea, and then the United Nations, had made before her. On New Year's Day, 1951, supported by violent mortar barrages, the CCF smashes across the 38th Parallel against feeble opposition.

With this, China changes from a nation coming to the aid of a desperate neighbor and becomes an aggressor attempting to crush an apparently helpless sovereign nation.

Millions of innocent people will pay the price for China's arrogant over-confidence, in suffering, as earlier innocents paid for our own.

Such is war.

Causes of the Korean Tragedy ... Failure of Leadership, Intelligence and Preparation

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