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The Foundation of Freedom is the Courage of Ordinary People

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China's 39th Corps Foot Cavalry attacks

Col. Percy W. Thompson, one of the apparently few competent staff officers in Eighth Army, briefed I Corps headquarters that the Cav might be fighting China when they committed to attack Unsan. His alert was received with disbelief, and indifference. China's 39th Corps was about to make an appearance that would be more difficult to ignore.


China Steps In

CCF Plans For Victory

Eighth Army Retreats From Sunch'on

CCF Strikes - 1st Campaign

CCF 39th Corps, November, 1950

Pursues fleeing UN forces past destroyed truck column near Unsan.

Causes of the Korean Tragedy ... Failure of Leadership, Intelligence and Preparation

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The Foundations of Freedom are the Courage of Ordinary People and Quality of our Arms

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