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Marine Amtracs under fire crossing Han to recapture Seoul

My ship Wantuck landed I/3/5's 200 Marines in the Inchon assault. Seventy eight days later, only 20 of them would still be standing. This crossing under direct artillery fire is just one reason why.

Marine Amtracs under fire

Marine Amtracs crossing the Han under fire from the guns of Hill 125, 9/50.

This was the old ferry site at Haengju village. By now the NK had time to prepare forces in strength to block the advance on Seoul, and the only feasible crossing site was at Haengju. During the previous night, the Division Reconnaissance Company had attempted the crossing but had been repulsed by heavy rifle and machine gun fire supported by anti-tank guns dug in on Hill 125.

Here, I/3/5 leads a new assault. In spite of determined opposition, I/3/5 cleared the hill and enabled the landing of the rest of the battalion.

All bridges across the Han had been blown by ROK forces when Seoul had been evacuated in early July.

Han Bridges Observation

Causes of the Korean Tragedy ... Failure of Leadership, Intelligence and Preparation

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