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B26 Air Support

The CCF and NK armies fought their fifth phase campaign with ferocity, determination and skill but they suffered terrible casualties from massive artillery barrages, defensive tank and infantry fire, and B26 bomber attacks as they deployed forward in their attacks.

Napalm drop

Flying at low level in the face of intense ground fire, 3rd Bomb Wing B26 makes pin-point napalm drop on dominating enemy hill-top positions.

B26 Invaders attack

Squadrons of B26 Invaders pounded the exposed CCF when they deployed in the open in their attacks.

Crash Landing after flak hit

This B26 had its hydraulic system jammed by ground fire and is making a successful belly-landing.

CCF and NK ground fire developed to a maximum in late 1952, but was extremely accurate all through the war. Here, Lt. Col. Gordon Blood, commander of 49th Fighter-Bomber group smiles at the huge hole in the right wing of his F-84 Thunder jet, apparently hit during a bombing run over North Korea in 1952.

He could smile at it then, but he didn't smile much at the time he was hit. It was a little like being in a train wreck.

Ground Fire Damage

Causes of the Korean Tragedy ... Failure of Leadership, Intelligence and Preparation

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