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Bert with friends overlooking Golden Gate Bridge  Forward Observer Bert with 606 AC&W, above Han River Bert with 606 AC&W, above Han River
Bert Kortegaard, USN, 1/48-12/51, ET1 USS Wantuck thru '50
Brief autobio

In the left photo, on liberty in San Francisco in 1950 on leave from USS Wantuck.

Wantuck was one of four APD's in TD-111 which, as Navy Special Operations put it, "provided the operational catalyst for the multinational raiding force that repeatedly struck North Korea's railway system".

Center, I'm not sure where. I seem to be wearing beat-up Marine utilities but it was a long time ago.

In the right photo, Summer/Winter '52/'53, I was 606 AC&W Squadron Radar Tech Rep above Kimpo.

606 AC&W assisted all our aircraft over North Korea, spotted positions of our downed aircraft for possible rescue, and helped directed our F-86A-5 Sabres in MiG Alley

Causes of the Korean Tragedy ... Failure of Leadership, Intelligence and Preparation

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