The Bowling Alley !!

The eastern end of the valley turned pretty much sharp right and became the Bowling Alley, here the oponents were several hundred yards apart varying greatly in different areas.

A hammock?  thank Gawd for the Navy
Underground Life

 Actually, Mate, I'm looking for a bowling alley that's a little quieter ...

The Bowling Alley

Bluey and Blinky
John Waynes in the Bowling Alley?

But where's the movie actress ?
A case of mistaken identification ...

Too Fancy?
Our latrine ... before Charlie's attentions

Burt Lawson & I

A bottle without interruption ...
What, no tv ??

Robbie & Radish
At home

Smoko break

Fresh air?  what's that ??
Well, it worked in WWI ...

Hairless Wonder
Lice defense, June '52

Guerilla Hunt
June '52

Well, it was probably a good hike ??

In this area our tanks could be effectively deployed in, and from, our forward positions. To the Diggers, tanks were a mixed blessing. They provided direct fire support, but were also valuable targets and drew enemy artillery fire when in action.

A mixed blessing ...

Centurion, '52
Right on our hill.

Centurions in no-man's land

Looking after their mate

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