Aftermath of a raid


Documentary of an Aussie Infantryman

The Face of Experience

Ron Cashman

6 Platoon, B Coy, 3RAR, Korea '51-'53

Little Gibraltar
The Mound POWs Regrets
Truce Line Map George Ham Sandwich Imjin Area Map


(The information about these photos comes from captions written in ink on their backs.)

You may wonder how these pictures came about. Well, in late '51 it was possible to buy small and cheap cameras from Japan, also film was later carried by the canteen unit. We had to have them developed by blokes going on R&R in the begining, later I think our canteen people handled that job for us. (wont swear to that)

The photos when developed were 2" x 1 1/2" and on poor quality paper. Most were sent home where they faded to a pale brown colour over the years, but lucky for me most of mine stayed reasonable as they were in an album I expect!

The majority of these pics are those I sent my wife Betty, and only covered my second tour. Some have survived from the small number that I sent to my mother during my first tour, but not enough sad to say.

You should see the other bloke, Mum ...
A Digger was suited for this, if anyone was ...


Our basic occupation

Life Underground

Me and Eddie

You should see the outside!
Not much need for athletic facilities, for 3RAR to keep in shape

Digging in again, 1951
There were reasons ...

6 Platoon
Before much action

 ... there was a war going on
You reckon we could hit the mall ?

Not in best spirits

Yeh, that's right.

Where's that Pommie Jeeves ...
Practice made perfect ...

Bluey Clark, 1951
At The Hinge

Back from patrol
There were a lot more to come

 Well broken in were we, by this time ...

We couldn't take many winter snaps as the cheap cameras froze up, those who had the brains and money to purchase a good one did alright. There were a number of army photographers over the years, their work had it survived was top notch. Much was lost by carelessness on the part of caretakers of it.

Nothing like seeing for yourself.

Josh Francis
Minister for Army
With B Coy 3 RAR.
Hook area, Xmas 1951

Slippery Dip
On the assault, 1951

Where's the bloody ski lift, mate?
Righto, mate, the nurse is a gorgeous blonde ...

Ambulance Helicopter
Carrying a wounded soldier, 1951

Haute Quisine, 1951
Dining al fresco

Not much like Brissie
Glad it was pointing the other way ...

Big Bertha
Firing, 1951

Owen Gunner
On the job, 1951

Wot ... no tin hats ??
A day at the office

And ready, 1951

One of the baggy arses.
Bluey Clark, 1951.

Bluey knew what that Bren gun was for.
Privileges of rank

Joe Stuart 1952(?)

WOII Wing Kee, 1952.
C.S.M. of B Coy. 3 RAR

What they saw wasn't always what they got ...

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