C.S.M. of B Coy. 3 RAR  WOII Wing Kee.

C.S.M. of B Coy. 3 RAR WOII Wing Kee, 1952
Outside entrance to his foxhole.

Now this is a frontline foxhole, small inconspicuous entrance andwell camouflaged. The entrance tunnel would turn sharply a short wayinside, and lead into the 'living area'. The general idea was that if agrenade or shell came sailing in, you were protected from the shrapnel. Ifit was a shell then the whole thing would cave in anyway.

Wing Key is busytrying to make it as hard to see as possible, with the aid of somebranches.

Wing Key

This soldier was one of the best, an Australian born Chinesewhose family came to Australia in the gold rush days of the 1800s. He wasa WW2 vet and, I was told often enough, one of the hardest instructors atthe recruit training camps in Australia for Korea bound troops.

We B company lot shuddered when he joined us, as the company Sar Major. (CSM)for short. It didn't take us long to learn that we had a fighting man withus, he would go out on every patrol or raid that he could.

Two examples of his style were on the patrol with George, and his work on '75.

Had the Chinese ever captured him, I'm sure he wouldhave had the camp guards out for inspection every day.

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