As a direct result of this book - NO SWEAT - two awards of Military Medals have been made to recipients in 2003 & 2004 as follows:
The Distinguished Flying Cross (Oct. 23, 2004)

Airman 1st Class Angelo Menna of Cranston R.I., for entering an open B-29 Bomb Bay, with no parachute on, and manually throwing 3 Photoflash bombs and salvoing a "hung" 500 pound bomb after aircraft experienced a 45 degree angle dive and pullout at 1200 feet and approx. 2.7 seconds from impacting ocean surface, 11/26/52
The Airman's Medal ForHeroism - Posthumously(August 2003)

Airman 2nd Class Donald Wilson of Hillsdale, Illinois, for his valiant rescue of 2 crewmates while losing his own life in a desperate attempt to rescue a third from a sinking ditched B-29, in extraordinarily rough seas after a midnight return from a North Korean combat Mission on October 31st, 1952. Just 3 of 14 survived.
Several related pictures, HALLOWEEN

Bud Farrell, Tucson, Arizona - September 1, 2004
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