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(The writer of this heartfelt essay respects every peaceful culture, and every human being.)

At this writing, Three of the four liberal justices on the Supreme Court are Jews. 10 Jewish Democrats are U.S. senators and more than 20Jewish Democrats are members of the House. Jews are at the heart of the Democrtic party from union leadership to campaign funding, from think-tank policy-making to grass roots organizing. This seems unlikely to change.

Well, whatever one's political views generally, this was donewithin our Constitutional government, so how can it motivate an objective critique?

Many Jews seem so compassionate, intelligent, so noble at heart, that their examples alone might fairly characterize the entire Jewish race. And yet, others are so avaricious, treacherous and amoral that their actions alone might arguably have triggered much of the tragic persecutionJews have suffered throughout history. In between these extremes most Jews are ordinary people, absorbed in their personal hopes and struggles. But also are found many radical activists; an arrogant, judgemental, self-annointed "Cultural Elite," resolved to eliminate the world's perceived cultural flaws, whether the world likes it or not.

If you are Jewish, this essay is an appeal that you urge your activist elements to act muchmore responsibly.

Protected by the irrational collective Western sense of guilt about the Holocaust, these activists won't adapt to our own convictions, theydemand we adapt to theirs. They do this without considering that all aspects of any culture are interdependent. Of course, any culture may need change but if this is done too forcefully other aspects, possibly invaluable, may be irreparably damaged.In this case forcing worthwhile change too rapidly can be irresponsible. Moreover, no matter how strongly we believe we are right, we may nevertheless be wrong. Disastrously wrong. The most plausible change may not only be mis-guided but irreversibly destructive.

Jewish activists are often intelligent and dedicated, and their passion sometimes causes them to ignore relevant interdependence as well as their own fallibility. They can't seem to restrain themselves, it seems to be their nature. Leveraged by the near-automatic support of the entire Jewish community this tiny cultural elite has a greatly disproportionate influence within the Democratic party, our Educational Institutions, our Financial Institutions, and our Media.

Jewish activists have been a major reason why today it is legally and socially impossible for white people to promote one another or establish business networks in the US. At the same time they have helped empower minorities, most definitely including Jews, with every form of preferential treatment and mutual support. They call whites defending White interests "Nazis" even as they promote all other Ethnic Groups in general, and Jewish Cultural Interests in particular. Their support empowers radical liberal Politicians and Educators who are ending our old Family-oriented society. That Conservative, middle-class based, multi-cultured Melting Pot, however imperfect, was once our source of unity and strength. The liberals they empower arereplacing it today with single-issue, ethnic and hate groups, the root causes of our present divisiveness and weakness.

The primary characteristic nearly all Jews seem to have in common, their greatest potential both for good and for destruction, of others and of themselves, is that they support one another.

Almost any Jew expects other Jews to think of themselves as Jews. Whatever other interest he may have, whatever country he claims as a citizen, Jews expect that of each other. Given their history, this is very understandable, although the survival value of this unity is debatable. An article in The Times of Israel summarizes the situation: "Jews DO Control The Media," going on to matter-of-factly describe their control of US Educational Institutions and television. The Times does assume most Jews want to do this responsibly hence this plea for restraint, even balance.

Finding how to benefit from the invaluable positive elements of Jewish culture and still survive their destructive elements is like finding an end to a Möbius strip. Just giving up and trusting in an open mind and justice is fatally naive. That leaves us hopelessly vulnerable to liberal tactical use of word associations like "facist" and "racist" and more personal insults to condemn without supporting facts or logic.

There seems no way to avoid facing the issue, and no obvious solution for dealing with it. I resort to the old British approach of just muddling through. There are worse ways to live than just trying to be a decent citizen by bumbling along with good will and an honest effort. At the personal level, it sort of works.

On the national level, perhaps a solution will be found motivating those who helped propel Democrats to dominance to help them avoid the fatal mistakes that brought on the savage wars in Korea and Vietnam, and which they seem to be repeating today. That possibility is why this Korean War Blog essay makes this appeal. That is what I hope.

Ironically, any solution may be too late for the Conservative, Family-Oriented middle-classes who once helped pay the costs in blood that saved this Cultural Elite from potential extinction.

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