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Democrat, I'm not your enemy, just one old white male in the losing political half of our nation. My main problem with you is a question that often keeps me awake. Maybe just asking it will help me sleep better.

Soon enough you will finish "progressive"ing our economy and replacing the nation's once resourceful and reliable Melting Pot society with what seem to be dependent hate-groups and self-obsessed power blocs. I think you will have to make this permanent. At least I can't imagine how, on results alone, you can otherwise keep your power in public office, even with unchallenged liberal control of the media.

Soon enough the last old white male who opposes you will have died. Many were once young volunteers who helped defend freedom at Omaha, Anzio, Iwo Jima, Inchon and a hundred other battlefields. As I grow old, I remember with great pride that in the Korean War I was their comrade in arms. We helped liberate, not only Dachau, but entire continents. And yet, some groups of Democrats anticipate our deaths with glee. Soon enough, our young men of all races will remember how we served our country. I can't believe that seeing joy at our fate will inspire them to make equal sacrifices.

Soon enough, the rest of the world that looks enviously at our remaining wealth will begin to look contemptuously at our remaining strength. Soon enough we may even lack power or will to restrain those who menace our friends.

The question I ask: Where do you expect this will lead?

My personal thoughts? I love you, old USA. RIP.

Bert Kortegaard

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