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The Foundation of Freedom is the Courage of Ordinary People

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AAA        Antiaircraft ArtilleryAbn        AirborneAct        ActionADCOM      Advance Command and Liaison Group in KoreaADVATIS    Advanced Allied Translator & Interpreter SectionAFF        Army Field ForcesAGC        Amphibious force flagship equipped with special communi-           cation facilitiesAK         Cargo shipAmphib     AmphibiousAMS        Army Map Servicean.        AnnexAP         Armor-piercingAP         TransportAPA        Attack transportAPD        High-speed transportArmd       ArmoredArty       ArtilleryATIS       Allied Translator & Interpreter SectionAW         Automatic WeaponsBAR        Browning Automatic RifleBC         N.K. Border Constabulary (called Bo An Dae)BLUEHEARTS Code name for the original plan for an amphibious landing           behind enemy lines, abandoned by 10 July 1950. Succeeded           by CHROMITEBn         BattalionBr         BriefingBrig       BrigadeBtry       BatteryBul        BulletinC          CombatCCF        Chinese Communist ForcesCCS        Combined Chiefs of StaffCG         Commanding GeneralChmn       ChairmanCHROMITE   Code name for amphibious operations in September 1950,           one of which was a landing at Inch'onCINCFE     Commander in Chief, Far EastCINCUNC    Commander in Chief, United Nations CommandCM-IN      Classified message-InCO         Commanding OfficerComd       CommandComdr      CommanderComm       CommunicationCOMNAVFE   Commander, U.S. Naval Forces Far EastCP         Command postCofS       Chief of StaffCSGPO      Chief of Staff, G-3, Plans & Operations Div.CSUSA      Chief of Staff, U.S. ArmyDA         Department of the ArmyDet        DetachmentDir        DirectorDIS        Daily Intelligence SummaryDiv        DivisionDOW        Died of woundsDUKW       Amphibious truckEDT        Eastern Daylight TimeEngr       EngineerEst        EstimateEST        Eastern Standard TimeEUSAK      Eighth United States Army in KoreaEx         Off Executive OfficerFA         Field ArtilleryFDC        Fire Direction CenterFEAF       Far East Air ForcesFEC        Far East CommandFO         Field OrderFonecon    Telephone conversationG-2        Intelligence section of divisional or higher staffG-3        Operations and training section of divisional or higher staffGen        GeneralGO         General OrdersGS         General StaffHE         High explosiveHEAT       High explosive, antitankHist       History, HistoricalHq         HeadquartersHv         HeavyIG         Inspector GeneralI&:R        Intelligence & ReconnaissanceIncl       InclosureInf        InfantryInfo       InformationInstr      InstructionIntel      IntelligenceInterrog   InterrogationInterv     InterviewJAG        Judge Advocate GeneralJCS        Joint Chiefs of Staff JLC        Japan Logistical CommandJnl        JournalJOC        Joint Operations CenterJSPOG      Joint Strategic Plans and Operations GroupJTF 7      Joint Task Force SevenKIA        Killed in actionKMAG       U.S. Korean Military Advisory GroupKMC        Korean Marine CorpsLCVP       Landing craft, vehicle, personnelLdr        LeaderLog        LogisticalLSD        Landing ship, dockLSMR       Landing ship, medium (rocket)LST        Landing ship, tankLSV        Landing ship, vehicleLtr        LetterLVT        Landing vehicle, trackedMATS       Military Air Transport ServiceMed        Stf Medical StaffMedTk      Medium TankMIA        Missing in actionMil        MilitaryMIS        Military Intelligence Service(-)        MinusMort       MortarMS         ManuscriptMsg        MessageMSgt       Master SergeantNarr       NarrativeNatl       NationalNAVFE      U.S. Naval Forces, Far EastNKPA       North Korea People's ArmyNr         NumberOCMH       Office of the Chief of Military HistoryOfc        OfficeOff        Officer, OfficersOpns       OperationsOrd        OrderOSAF       Office of the Secretary of the Air ForcePC         Patrol vesselPers       PersonnelPIR        Periodic Intelligence ReportPlat       PlatoonPLR        Periodic Logistics ReportPOL        Petroleum, oil, and lubricantsPOR        Periodic Operations ReportPub        PublicationPW         Prisoner of WarRad        RadioRCT        Regimental Combat TeamRec        RecoillessRecd       ReceivedRecon      ReconnaissanceRegt       RegimentRep        RepresentativeRes        ResearchRev        ReviewRpt        ReportRTO        Rail Transportation OfficeS-1        AdjutantS-2        Intelligence OfficerS-3        Operations and Training OfficerS-4        Supply OfficerS. Comm.   Senate CommitteeSAR        Special Action ReportSCAP       Supreme Commander for the Allied PowersSCR        Set complete radioSec        SectionSecy       SecretarySep        SeparateSFC        Sergeant First ClassSig        SignalSitrep     Situation ReportSO         Special OrderSP         Self-propelledStf        StaffSumm       SummarySupp       SupplementSurg       SurgicalTACP       Tactical air control partyTAGO       The Adjutant General's OfficeTelecon    Teletypewriter conferenceTF         Task ForceTk         TankT/O        Tables of OrganizationTrans      Transport, TransportationTransl     TranslationUNC        United Nations CommandUNRC       United Nations Reception CenterUSAFIK     U.S. Army Forces in KoreaUSSR       Union of Soviet Socialist RepublicsVHF        Very High FrequencyVT         Variable Time FuzeWD         War DiaryWIA        Wounded in actionWkly       Weekly 

Causes of the Korean Tragedy ... Failure of Leadership, Intelligence and Preparation

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The Foundations of Freedom are the Courage of Ordinary People and Quality of our Arms

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