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Ronald Kenneth Cashman

This is one page of my friend Ron's photo-doco DIGGER, a fascinating account of infantry life and combat in the Korean War. Several times wounded and decorated for valour, Ron endured two years in the line while a political solution for a Cease-Fire was sought.

Ron Cashman sunbathing in captured CCF trench at The Hinge, October 1951

In Chinese trench at 'The Hinge'
Just north of 317, October 1951

Relaxing whilst the Chinese decided what to do next, and get more Bods I expect! They didn't like our being there as previously displayed. We moved on to a less precarious sector for a rest and the Brits took over. They soon copped the Chinese wrath in no uncertain manner and, following heavy fighting and many casualties, were forced to give ground.

BK Comment:

3RAR fought in Korea for three years, and were never forced from a position, but after another year and a half of trench warfare, Ron became considerably less happy-go-lucky while waiting for the Chinese to try to do it.

The following map was kindly supplied by Frank Sachse, tour advisor for Korean Veterans, so it includes the DMZ which was not extant at the time of the above photo

Imjin Map

Causes of the Korean Tragedy ... Failure of Leadership, Intelligence and Preparation

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