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Red Beach, 9/15/50


Appleman: The Landing at Inch'on

Red Beach

5th Marines control Red Beach from captured NK trenches, 9/15/50

Wolmi-do's peak, right, dominates assault areas

The 351' Radio Hill on the right (south) dominated all assault beaches of the Inchon invasion. Here 5th Marines, the LCVPs which landed them from USS Henrico (APA 45) still on the Inchon beach, control Red Beach from captured North Korean trenches as LST 859 disembarks armor and other support.

Two months later, after our victorious forces crossed the 38th parallel and drove towards the Yalu, China entered the war. Her huge veteran guerilla army, victorious against the Nationalists just the previous year in one of the most decisive battles in history, moved into postion almost undetected. They ambushed and routed 8th Army, and trapped the Marines and all of X Corps who accomplished this amazing victory at Inchon.

Henrico and my own Special Forces APD Squadron would help evacuate the Marine survivors at Hungnam, after they fought their way out of the trap in a series of savage, bloody tactical victories amid overwhelming strategic defeat.

Causes of the Korean Tragedy ... Failure of Leadership, Intelligence and Preparation

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