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PPSh-43 Burp Gun

M1 - M3 Carbines

M3A1 Grease Gun

The PPSh-41 fired either a 71-round drum or 35-round box magazine. The PPSh-43 was rushed to production in 1943 as an emergency replacement. Extremely simple, with folding stock, using only the 35 round box, also firing the 86 gr P1 round at 700rpm and 1500 ft/s, a 430 ft-lb muzzle energy, it was much less powerful than even our US Carbines, but was very effectively used by the Chinese in the Korean war.

burp gun

Pistolet-Pulemyot Sudaeva obr 1943G (PPS43)

With stock folded forward over the top of the receiver

Caliber: 7.62x25mm Soviet auto
Length: 32.72 in ( 831mm)
Weight (unloaded): 6 lb 13 oz(3.10 kg)
Barrel: 10 in (254mm), 4 groove, right-hand twist
Magazine: 35 round detachable box
Ammunition: Type P; 86 gr bullet, 8 gr charge (1.35in lng
Type P-41; 74 gr bullet, 8 gr charge , AP/Incdy (1.36in lng)
Rate of Fire: 700 rpm
Muzzle Velocity: 1500 fps P1; 1600fps P-41

The Soviet policy in WWII was to concentrate rigidly on one model for each type of weapon, but during the siege of Leningrad the supply of PPSh41s fell very low. A prototype was hurriedly developed in a local factory in a design suitable for the equipment available. Quite naturally, it was simple in the extreme, but proved to be quite effective and was subsequently developed into the PPS43. Unusual for a Soviet weapon, the PPS43 used only the 35 round box magazine.

The Chinese used this model extensively in Korea, as well as a home-made version of the PPSh41, although at first they had far more weapons of other types: Japanese, Chinese Nationalist, US, British, and others. The light weight, both of the basic weapon and the box magazine, together with the foldable stock, were attractive to the Chinese army, which was essentially infantry, operating on Guerilla principles of moving large distances in short times, on foot.

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