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Mosin Nagant 7.62mm Carbine Model 1944

7.62mm x 54R Carbine M1944, 8.9lb, 5 rounds integral box, 148 gr bullet, 48 gr, 2850 fps muzzle velocity, 2669 ft-lb muzzle energy, range 1000 meters

Soviet Automatic and Semiautomatic Rifles and Carbines

Enemy Weapons of 1951: Photos and Specifications

Mosin Nagant Carbines

Mosin Nagant Models 1938 and 1944 7.62mm Carbines

CCF Sniper

Top CCF Sniper Zhang Taofang, credited with 214 kills in Korean War's "Underground Wall Of China" using this Moisin-Nagant M-44 carbine.

Romanian Moisin-Nagant M-44 carbine, made by Izhevsk dated 1954

This Romanian Moisin-Nagant M-44 carbine was made by Izhevsk in 1954

Cruciform bayonet M1944

Except for the permanently fixed cruciform bayonet, which folds down along the right side of the stock when not in use, and a slightly longer barrel, the M1944 is identical to the M1938

7.62mm x 54R Carbine M1944
Weight w/bayonet and sling: 8.9lb
Length, bayonet folded: 40 in
Length, bayonet extended: 52.24in
Length, barrel: 20in
Magazine Capacity: 5 rounds, integral box
Ammo: Russian Light Ball M'08; bullet 148 gr, charge 48 gr
Muzzle Velocity: 2850 fps
Max Sighting Range: 1000 meters
Front Sight: Hooded Post
Rear Sight: Tangent
Barrel: 4 groove, right-hand twist

Japanese weapons were some of the wide variety used by the Chinese at the start of the Korean War. After the first year, China began re-arming with weapons purchased, or copied, from the Soviet Union. The M1944 carbine was widely used after that time, and was copied by the Chinese beginning in 1953.

Causes of the Korean Tragedy ... Failure of Leadership, Intelligence and Preparation

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