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Generals O. P. Smith and MacArthur

MacArthur and General O.P. Smith


MacArthur greeted by Marine General O. P. Smith, 9/17/50
Comes ashore at D+2, Yellow Beach

To fully understand why General MacArthur demanded the 1st Marine Division for his assault at Inchon, read this short book on the key role they had in the desperate fighting to hold the Pusan Perimeter. (It's almost a book, a 6.9 mb pdf file so will take a while to download.) This is a wonderful description of the 1st Provisional Brigade in action. How such a formidable fighting force was even formed, after Truman had virtually destroyed the USMC combat capability, is a remarkable story in itself.


Admiral Struble, MacArthur, visit Col. R. L. Murray, 5th Marines, with General Shepherd, Commander Fleet Marine Force Pacific

Col. Murray, here shown at his battered Sojong Command Post, later won the Navy Cross for his brilliant leadership in bringing his 5th Marines out of the attempted Chinese trap at Yudam-ni in the savage Chosin Reservoir fighting.

Causes of the Korean Tragedy ... Failure of Leadership, Intelligence and Preparation

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The Foundations of Freedom are the Courage of Ordinary People and Quality of our Arms

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