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M1 and M1A1 Carbines and Manuals

The US Carbine, Caliber .30 M1 was a 5lb 7oz Semiautomatic with a 15 round detachable magazine, firing a 108 gr bullet at 1990 fps, approx 950 ft-lbs muzzle energy, effective up to 300 yds. The M1A1 Carbine was an M1 Carbine with a foldable stock. It was more effective for support troops than a hand gun, but not a match for the volume of fire brought against them by enemy submachine guns. The M2, with both selective fire and greater magazine capacity, 1362 ft-lbs muzzle energy, was the actual difference maker.

TM9-1276_1947 Tech Manual: Carbines, Cal. .30, M1, M1A1, M2, M3

TM9-2200 (html): Small Arms

FM7-10 (html): Rifle Company, Rifle Regiment

USMC: The Carbine, 1951

M1/M1A1 Carbines

US Carbines, Caliber .30, M1 and M1A1

M1 Carbine

Operation: Semiautomatic
Length: 35.65 in. (905 mm)
Weight unloaded: 5 lb 7 oz (2.48 kg)
Barrel: 18 in. 4 grooves, right hand twist
Magazine: 15 or 30 round detachable box
Muzzle: velocity 1990 fps, 967 ft-lbs.
300 yds: 1035 fps, 262 ft-lbs
Ammunition: 108 gr bullet, 13 gr charge, US Service M1
Effective Range: 300 yds

The M1 Carbine was developed in 1941, to complement the standard Issue M1 Garand. Lightweight and easy to carry and use, it replaced pistols for other than Infantrymen, who required the more powerful M1. It was a popular weapon in WWII and early in Korea, until the M2 Carbine select-fire upgrade became available.

M1 Carbine

M1 with bayonet lug and adjustable rear sight

The M1 version with bayonet lug and adjustable windage rear sight was deployed in the Korean War until mostly replaced by the M2.

About 5,510,000 M1 carbines, 150,000 M1A1 carbines, 570,000 M2 carbines, and 2100 M3 carbines were manufactured.

Causes of the Korean Tragedy ... Failure of Leadership, Intelligence and Preparation

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