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M1 Garand en bloc Clip

A clip stores multiple rounds which are loaded as a group rather than one at a time. A stripper clip holds several rounds unit and after the bolt is opened and the clip positioned the cartridges are "stripped" into the magazine by pressing them down. The M1 Garand en bloc clip holds up to eight rounds, is inserted as a unit into the rifle magazine, and is ejected on firing the last round.

M1 Clip side

M1 Clip, Side View, AP rounds

M1 Clip top

M1 Clip, Top View

The rounds are staggered. As Carlin Ellyson (cellyson@erols.com) points out, "don't try too hard to put them in and they will achieve a natural order on their own."

The ammunition belt for the M1 has ten pockets, each holding one of these 8-round clips of 30-06 ammo, giving a combat load of 80 rounds.

Bandoleers had one clip per pocket and six pockets. For shipping , the bandoleers were packed into ammo cans or wooden crates.


There was a cardboard sleeve in each bandoleer pocket of the right length for the cartridge and the right width for the type of clip, that gave a little protection to the bullet tips. The light cotton bandoleers and cardboard sleeves were thrown away after use or after the rounds were transfered to cartridge belts with sturdy canvas pockets. Bandoleers could be slung over the shoulders to carry extra ammo.

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