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Japanese WWII Submachine Guns

Photos and Specifications of Enemy Weapons of 1951

Japanese WWII Submachine Guns

Japanese WWII Submachine Guns
Top: 8mm Type 100 with Folding Stock ... Middle: 8mm Type 100 (1944 model)
Bottom: 7.63mm Bergmann 1920 (SIG, Swiss) used by Japan

- Bergmann Type 100 Type 100 (1944)
Operation Automatic, Blowback
Caliber 7.63mm 8mm 8mm
Muzzle velocity 1350 fps 1100 fps 1100 fps
Ammunition Mauser - 85gr bullet, 8gr charge Nambu - 103gr bullet, 3.5gr charge Nambu - 103gr bullet, 3.5gr charge
Capacity 50 round, detachable box 30 round, detachable box 30 round, detachable box
Weight 9.5 lb 7.3 lb 8.3 lb
Overall length 32 in 34 in (stock ext)
22.2 in (folded)
36 in
Rate of fire 600 rpm 450 rpm 800 rpm

North Korea began the war armed with the Shpagin PPSh41 Burp Gun as the standard personal weapon for submachine gunners. The CCF also used it, but employed a bewildering array of other automatic weapons, as well, possibly including Japanese guns such as the Type 100 which had been used in Southern China in 1942 by Japanese Marines.

Type 100
Type 100 (1944)

The Type 100 was designed for ease of production, like the Bergman MP18, but using the underpowered 8mm Nambu round and firing automatic-only from an open bolt with a side-mounted, 30-round detachable box magazine which gave poor weapon balance. It was unreliable in combat use, mainly because of an elaborate ammo feed which often resulted in stoppages.

The Type 100 may be fitted with a bipod, and comes in three basic models:
With fixed stock and bayonet lug bar, possibly also with a compensator.
With folding stock and bayonet lug bar.
c1944, with fixed stock, bayonet lug on barrel jacket, compensator, and fixed aperture-type rear sight.

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