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Japanese 7.7mm Heavy Machine Gun Type 92

Materials available to the enemy in 1951

The Japanese 7.7mm Type 92 (1932) was a gas-operated, air-cooled Heavy Machine Gun with an effective range of 1000 yards. The tripod permitted use of carrying bars which enabled the complete weapon to be carried for short distances as in support of fluid attack. This was one of the myriad of weapons used by China during the first year of their intervention in the Korean War.

Japanese Heavy

Japanese 7.7mm Heavy Machine Gun Type 92

Weight: Unloaded, 122 lbs (55.3 kg)
Overall Length: 45.5 in (1156 mm)
Muzzle velocity: 2400 f.p.s.
Cyclic Rate of Fire: 450 rpm
Magazine: 30 round strip
Ammunition: Reduced-charge version of Meiji 30 infantry cartridge
Barrel: 27.5 in (698 mm), 4 grooves, right hand twist
Effective Range: 1000 yds

As explained in the rifle section, both the Chinese and the NK began the Korean War with a large number of Japanese WWII weapons.

The 7.7mm (.3031 cal) Type 92 Shiki "semi-rimless" and 99 Shiki rimless both probably saw action in Korea, but the Type 92 would have been more widely used. We can't be sure, because at the time such polyglot weapons would have been in use by the CCF they were thoroughly kicking our butts and we rarely captured any of their arms.

The 92 could use both the rimless and the rimmed 7.7 round, and it was one of the most widely used weapons by the Japanese army in WWII. The rate of fire was low, and it had a curious stuttering effect, causing it to be nicknamed the "woodpecker", although it didn't sound at all like that bird. But, troops on the receiving end of this weapon never had any problem identifying it.

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